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Alpine Express is a natural extension of the Snowbowl experience for people coming from the Valley.
Greg Ralph, Snowbowl

Want to hit the slopes? Need a lift? Alpine Express (ALEX) is a brand-new shuttle service providing direct-to-the-mountain transportation and optional lift-tickets from Phoenix to Snowbowl. A subdivision of Alpine Ski Club & Adventure Tours, the #1 adventure club in Arizona, ALEX is the fast-track to snow-town.

  • Prices start at $40 per person (varies throughout the season) with optional Lift Ticket
  • Luxury shuttles depart from two Valley locations (Friday, Saturday and Sunday all season long)
  • Discount group packages are available upon request

Ride with us and save your energy for the runs you plan on taking, not on the long drive to Snowbowl or the drive home after your day on the mountain. Save time, save money, and save yourself the hassle of driving yourself. Just hop on the bus—the rest is up to us!

Why ALEX is the Best Bus to Snowbowl?

If you’re planning a day trip to Snowbowl from Phoenix, it makes a lot of sense to take a shuttle. Our tickets cost about the same as a full tank of gas (or a lot less, depending on what you drive) but you’ll probably need at least two fill-ups to get to Snowbowl and back if you drive yourself. Boom. Savings.

And let’s be honest—skiing and snowboarding can take its toll. Do you really want to drive yourself and your friends or family back after a long day on the mountain? Go with ALEX and enjoy upgraded seating, plenty of legroom and the comfort that only comes when you leave the driving to someone else.

So, why ALEX? Here are just of the reasons you should choose Alpine Express as your preferred Phoenix-to-Snowbowl shuttle:

  • Ride in comfort and style in a luxury coach (no pitstops necessary - there's a bathroom on each bus
  • Snowbowl veterans ("Captains") are assigned to each shuttle, so you'll get the inside scoop on the best trails and the best places to snack on the mountain
  • Our partnership with Snowbowl allows us to offer the best deals on transportation from Phoenix to Flagstaff (you can even save time by purchasing a lift ticket with your shuttle pass)

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